The Best of the 50’s Generation!

South Broward High School Class of 1955

About the Class of 55

In early June of 1955 254 South Broward High School Classmates celebrated achievement of a milestone, graduation from high school.  Each one then faced the next challenge in their life - what was the next step; college, vocational school, employment, marriage and a family, and others.  It was a very different world then.  Many would like to have gone on to college, but lacked the funding and support to do.  The need for a college degree was important, but not as imperative as it is today.  And, society had different values on the role of women, which was strongly oriented to staying home and raising the children.  Today, dual roles of careers and raising the family are the norm, not the exception.  No matter what the choice was, every classmate was a success, and the education, interaction and friendship we experienced at South Broward High School would serve us well.


Many of us were linked as friends for 12 years, grade school through high school.  We walked to elementary school together and later rode the school bus for up to an hour to and from junior and senior high school.  That was time to make friends.  And while unusual, three of us in the sixth grade traveled to Washington, DC for a week of visiting the sights.  Many classmates traveled around the state on football, band, basketball and other trips.  Classmates published the “Bulldog’s Tale” and the Browardier.  Just mentioning the Browardier reminds us of all the activities listed under each picture when we were together.  I am not sure but I would think our list of activities would be longer than those of today’s students.


High school helped us with the transition from friendship to dating and, for several classmates, marriage.  Leaving high school can be hard on a friendships. Some friends will drift away because of distance and new interests. But best friends are priceless, and you need to do what you can to rebuild and keep them.  Hopefully, this website and the supporting Message Board will keep friendships strong.


It is not too late tell a classmate how much you appreciated them or what they did for or with you, nor is it too late to heal broken promises and hurts.  I have apologized and received apologies.  It is time to rebuild friendships if they are broken.  Time heals!


Your classmates are counting on you to be a part of their lives.  Please take the time to become re-energized and involved, log on to the Message Board, write a letter to the class, call a classmate, write an email, have lunch with a classmate, host a get together of classmates or whatever fits your interest and ability.  As each of us celebrate joy or face adversity in our lives, what would be more supportive than to receive a congratulations or get well call, card or email from a classmate!   I can’t tell you how many times I have been called, sent a letter or an email from a spouse telling the importance of contact with classmates.


The South Broward High School Class of 1955 is a very special group of people committed to each other as classmates.  Let’s keep this special quality alive.  Keeping it alive is up to each one of us not another person, persons or committee.  Make this year your year for an increased commitment to linking with, communicating, and supporting your classmates!  Thank you.


Richard Mayer, Webmaster for SBHS55 classmates!

With Bulldog Pride!