The Best of the 50’s Generation!

South Broward High School Class of 1955

The 55th class reunion was held October 15 and 16, 2010 at the Sheraton Airport and Cruise Port Hotel in Dania.  Many said it was the greatest reunion yet.  Almost 60 classmates attended and with their spouses, companions, and siblings there were 90 attendees.  About 30 had breakfast together on Sunday before heading home.


55th Reunion, The Greatest

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Missing You

By Phyllis Nichols Herndon


Missing you thru all the years,

Missing the laughter, fun & tears,

A few short years, they flew so fast,

If only we had known it wouldn’t last.

We shared our dreams and plans so bold,

We could do anything, or so we were told.

Dances, ballgames, cheerleaders and band,

Our timetable already written in the sand.

So let’s come together, another time,

Our youth to recapture, once more to find,

We can return for bits at a time.

Never the same, but a little sign

That you also remember, I hope you do,

Maybe, just maybe, you miss us too.



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With Bulldog Pride!

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