The Best of the 50’s Generation!

South Broward High School Class of 1955

Bulldog Pride Awards

Bulldog Pride Awards


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Jay Dusard -  Awarded a 1981 Guggenheim Fellowship in Photography and has received two book awards.


Jim Shakespeare -  In 2000, along with Mike Green, published book, “Secrets of Winning Tennis, Essays to Elevate your Game


Joyce Patterson - What could be more important today than providing emergency resources and relief from hunger and despair in today’s world.  Joyce has been there and  has lead the Jubilee Center of South Broward winning “Agency of the Year” award.  Joyce, you are a hero!  We are proud of you!


Bradley (Bucky) Canon - Published a book: Judicial Policies Implementation and Impact in 1984 with second edition appearing in 1999.


Don Singer - South Broward High Schools noted architect Click Don Singer to the left to see and read about other accomplishments.


Concisely, tell us about your successes.  We Bulldogs are Proud and have helped shape our world.  Tell your classmates about things like how many children and grandchildren you have, how long you have been married, local, national and company awards, positions held in the community, books written, inventions,  business established, places you have worked,  what was important about your work, ……. or anything else that others would view as Bulldog successes.   It doesn’t have to be a presidential award.

With Bulldog Pride!

Letters to the Class -  Accepting Letters to the class anytime.

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Jay Dusard - Better than a letter, pictures!

Frank Bartley & others - Music through the years!



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Albert Bair

Charles Bramlett

Brad Canon

Rohn Vernon Carleton

Norma Brand Frost

Pat Deluca Pease

Ruth Goodwin Krieg

Maureen Healy Fann

Richard Oliver Mayer

Dorice Janzer Moccia

Michael Heubert Mutter

Merry Lou Riddle Spencer

Jim Shakespeare

Sandra Stark Stewart

Jay Thal