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South Broward High School Class of 1955

Reunions 50th and Before

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30th Class Reunion

Text Box: A post reunion poem

My Fiftieth Class Reunion
By Phyllis Nichols Herndon 

I told myself, no more reunions for me,
But that is because I could not see, 
All the happiness and fun that this would bring,
As we all gathered for one more big fling.

We had worked so hard and steady,
I thought we would not be ready,
But all the time, work, and frustration,
Was really worth it all for this great celebration.

Yes, all the work now seems worthwhile,
As I sit back with a great big smile,
And see all the classmates go back in time,
To recapture the ties that really do bind, 
A “time-warp” of sorts, for all of us,
Another reunion is really a “must”.

So I will sit back and reconsider,
My family will holler and be all in a dither,
For they all know when I volunteer,
They get included and that is their fear.
We will see what the future brings to all of us, 
God is in control, in that we can trust.

As we go on in the December of our lives,
We will accept the fates as they arrive,
I will think of this weekend in November,
It was a weekend to remember!
In the rating of life’s weekends,
I gave this one a number “10”.

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